Significance of Rajab in Islam as a Sacred Month

Significance of Rajab in Islam as a Sacred Month

Feb 28th, 2020    |    Islam

Allah has created the entire universe with a purpose. There is a proper sequence in everything of this world; perhaps there are certain things that are more sacred and valuable to others. Allah has created twelve months in Islam out of which He has declared four months more sacred. Rajab is one of these four months, and above all, there are several reasons because of which this month is more sacred and prominent. We will discuss all the important aspects of the month of Rajab below so you can understand the real value of this sacred month.

“Verily, the number of months with Allaah is twelve months (in a year), so it was ordained by Allaah on the Day when He created the heavens and the earth; of them four are Sacred. That is the right religion, so wrong not yourselves therein…”

[Al-Tawbah 9:36]

Rajab and its association with Hazrat Ali (RA)

Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) was the last messenger of Allah which spread the message of humanity to the world however four companions with the last prophet (P.B.U.H) play a valuable contribution is the preaching of Islam. Hazrat Ali (RA) was one of those four companions and above all the son-in-law of the last prophet of Allah. He was the first as a child who believes in the last messenger of Allah and accepted Islam. Ali Ibn e Talib was also the cousin of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) and the most blessed person born in Makkah (the most sacred place for Muslims).

Role of Ali Ibn-e-Talib (RA) in Islam

We also know Hazrat Ali (RA) as Sher -e- Khuda or Assadullah for his bravery because with his strength and courage he has made Muslims victorious many times against mighty non-Muslims. When Ali (Ra) becomes the fourth caliph of the Muslims, he spread Islam and its teachings and plays a major contribution to Islam with its pious character.

“The well-known and reliable hadith of the Prophet – “I am the city of knowledge and ‘Ali is its gate”


Rajab is the birth month of Hazrat Ali (RA) and because of such a strong association of Muslims with Hazrat Ali (RA) and its valuable contribution in Islam, this month is sacred to Muslims as the personality of 4th Caliph of Muslims.

Holy Incident of Isra and Miraj

It is said that Almighty Allah has created this universe for his beloved last Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H). Isra and Miraj is an important historical chapter in Islam in which Allah sent his Angel (Hazrat Jibrail) to bring his beloved one (Muhammad SAW) from Mecca towards Allah.  In some splits of seconds, Hazrat Muhammad travels from Mecca to Jerusalem and up in the heavens towards Allah and visited with many other prophets of Allah and seven heavens and with Allah Himself.

As Muslims, this incident is important from many points of view. The Prophet of Allah revealed many unknown things about heaven and the universe. Muhammad in its teaching after Miraj discloses many secrets. He guides the Muslims and teaches them many more lessons about heavens, hell, and the afterlife. Muhammad grants special approvals for Muslims regarding prayers and forgiveness. This incident took place in the month of Rajab. Because of such blessings, this month is significant for Muslims for forgiveness and blessings.

Deed and Rewards: Rajab as a fasting month

Allah Almighty has known the things that we are unaware of. He has ordered through his last messenger (P.B.U.H) to perform certain tasks and deeds in Rajab. Hazrat Muhammad (P.B.U.H) used to keep fast in Rajab and recommend to followers. 

‘Ibn `Abbas narrated that the Prophet used to fast until we said he would never breakfast, and he used to breakfast until we said he will never fast [again.]”

Rajab The sacred month for forgiveness.

As Muslims, we strongly believe in heaven and hell and the afterlife. Allah loves his people, and that’s why Allah provides many chances till of forgiveness. Rajab is the special month for forgiveness according to Islam.

Holy Prophet Muhammad (S.A.W) used to say:

“Rajab is a month of seeking forgiveness, so seek forgiveness from Allah (SWT); He is verily the Forgiver, the Merciful. It is highly recommended to repeat ‘Astaghfirullaah waas-aluhut tawbah”.

Best Month for Charity

Islam always encourages charity as it’s a great source of helping poor people. In Rajab, it will have more rewards and benefits from Allah. As this month is sacred, it’s important that we understand its value and donate by helping others or through charity.
May God Forgive us, guide us in the best way and blessed us from its month of Rajab.


Allah has declared Rajab as a sacred month in Islam. All the other aspects that make this month sacred are mentioned above. Most important thing is that we understand its significance in the light of teaching the Quran. As Muslims keep fast, do charity and special prayers to gain maximum benefits. May Allah help us in the best way and strengthen us to take full advantage of this sacred month. Ameen.

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