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Allah subhana hu wata’la has made Quran learning easy for those who sincerely make efforts. Our well-trained tutors and the one-on-one session will help you to comprehend even difficult concepts easily. Also, the tutor will teach at a pace that would be comfortable for you.

Our well-versed tutors continuously review your performance. They will assess your learning speed, ability, and recalling capability. Once they have assessed student’s previous lesson outcomes, they will advance you to the next level.

At times, due to uninvited reasons (Internet interruption, medical emergency) tutor might be late or miss the class. In that case, the student should email us. We will arrange a makeup for the student at another time.

No, you can cancel your registration at any time. You need to email us or make a call to our representative. just go to contact us and accomplish the desired task.

If a student is expecting that he/she will not be able to take class, they should email their tutor 5 hours before the class. This will help the tutor to rearrange their class for another day.

As younger kids have shorter attention spans. So, we recommend parents to accompany them during the session. It will not only encourage them but also make the session more effective. However, children of age 7 or above can comprehend instructions and remain focused for extended periods. So, let them learn on their own.

All of the tutors are richly experienced and educated. Also, AlQuranRecite has a strict recruiting policy that maintains our standard of services. However, you can rate our tutor by filling a survey form that will be provided on the student’s demand.

Furthermore, you can ask to change your tutor. After reviewing the student’s claim, the board of directors will decide about the necessary actions.

You can join us easily. Just ensure:

Online Quran learning with AlQuranRecite even offers you more perks. For example, online service allows you to learn anytime and at any place. Even more, we offer free trial classes to check the effectiveness of AlQuranRecite.

Additionally, modern advancements have eliminated distances and communication barriers. So, be confident and start enjoying your learning journey with us.

You can sign-up on our website by clicking on the register button. Also, you can go to contact us and contact our representative to get registered. Moreover, you can go for our help service to ask any questions or queries.

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