Learn Online Quran-Translation

Learn Online Quran Translation

The online Quran translation learning course is one of our best sequences. As thousands of students enroll and attain their destination with AlQuranRecite, around the globe. Join us today.

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What is our teaching methodology?

We use following easy steps:

  • Teaching of Arabic words’ meanings
  • Meaning of the Quran verse by verse
  • Contextual meanings
  • Tafseer

Online Quran translation in Urdu & English

The last book of Allah Subhana hu wata’la holds hidden facts. Additionally, this divine book guides to live a happy, healthy, and successful life in this world and hereafter. Therefore, it’s essential to understand it truly.

Online Quran translation in Urdu and English is getting popular. For the reason, AlQuranRecite offers comprehensive Quran translation word by word. So, you can join our Quran translation in Urdu course without any hesitation.

On the other hand, we provide online Quran translation in English courses as well. Certainly, you will find it helpful, in sha Allah ta’la.

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Two choices-two methods

AlQuranRecite offers two kinds of online Quran translation learning courses. Our courses can be valuable for distance learning as well. So, we equally encourage Quran teaching faculty to join us as well. Two choices with two teaching methods are:

  • Basic Tafseer: In this course, you need not learn Arabic grammar. The tutor will explain every Ayah with the purpose of revelation and its consequences.
  • Advanced Tafseer: Students will learn Arabic grammar first. Then, they will translate the Quran in the supervision of the certified tutors.

Are there female teachers available?

We aim to teach the Holy Quran every Muslim man and woman. Therefore, we have separately arranged female tutors for our respected Muslim sisters. These female tutors are experienced enough to teach Quran translation word by word.


Learning outcomes of the course

In the end, your learning outcomes will be:

  • Quran translation (word-by-word).
  • Savvy of contextual meanings (Tafseer).
  • Fundamentals of Arabic grammar.

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