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Online Quran Teaching

Online Quran teaching is facilitating Muslims around the globe to comprehend the Quran’s message. AlQuranRecite offers you peace of mind as you and your kids can learn in a secure and convenient milieu now.


What is our teaching methodology?

Teaching without proper methodology is like a vehicle lacking for the engine. Therefore, we have worked first on the methods and plans for lessons. You will experience.

  • Moving from easy to difficult.
  • Teaching according to the student’s understanding level.
  • No further lessons unless student have learned previously.
  • Interactive and result-oriented teaching.
  • Multilingual teaching as per student’s convenience.
  • Regular motivation by the tutors.

One-on-one teaching

We are the best online Quran teaching academy when it comes to one-on-one teaching. Our teachers love this sacred obligation. So, students develop a real and positive interaction with them. One-on-one Quran teaching is essential for kids.

Since kids have a shorter span of attention and they need special kind of attention from their tutors. So, we recommend one-on-one learning sessions for them. Also, adults can gain benefits.

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Online Quran teaching for kids

Online Quran teaching for kids is the best solution for kids’ learning as it is becoming hard to provide a trustable and secure environment for our children. So, AlQuranRecite offers the best Quran teaching for kids online.


Male and female teachers

Now, you can hire male and female teachers for Quran learning. Alhamdulillah! AlQuranRecite offers female Quran Tutors for our Muslim sisters. So, sisters can learn any course from our female tutor at home.

Most importantly, we offer online Quran learning with 24/7 support. Also, AlQuranRecite gives wide choices for flexible classes. So, sisters can choose the class that suits them.


Why online Quran tutoring on Skype?

Online Quran teaching on skype has become popular because of so many reasons. Skype offers a more interactive and user-friendly interface that helps to use it for learning effectively.

Keeping its benefits in the view, AlQuranRecite also recommends to download and use Skype. It is free, easy to download, and well-known software.

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