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Learn Quran online for kids’ class is the need of the hour for parents in the west. AlQuranRecite’s one-on-one sessions, practice worksheets, and kind tutors make it stand out among the rest of the crowd.

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Why learn Quran online for kids?

Learn Quran online for kids’ facility has resolved biggest agony of the parents facing problems in finding a good Quran teacher for their kids. At times, they have to migrate from one country to the other or between cities. Either it’s long-distance from mosque or job issues, parents living in the USA, UK, Australia, and Europe are dealing with perpetual exertions.

However, now online learning opportunities have solved the dilemma. So, you can have a kind yet qualified teacher to learn Quran online for kids. Hence, availing online opportunities will not only keep your kids nonviolent, but it will save your time as well. As a result, Online Quran learning will make your kids more interested and progressive. In-sha-Allah-tala.

How to choose a good teacher?

The crux of the matter is to have a good, polite, and qualified teacher for your kids. For the reason, we will suggest some of the basic and viable tips for scrutiny.

  • The tutor must have memorized the Quran and hold an “Ijazah.”
  • The tutor should hold a profound knowledge of “Tajweed.”
  • Never turn on camera unless kids need to be watched.
  • In the case of girls, must ask for female tutors.
  • Ask for the tutor’s authentic certification.
  • Choose a well-mannered teacher.
  • Discuss the content of learning.
  • Ask for feedback regularly.
  • Ask for testimonials.
  • Keep an eye on kids.

Path to learn Quran online for kids

At AlQuranRecite we believe in easy yet comprehensive learning when it comes to learn Quran online for kids. Our hierarchical learning steps are:

  • Leaning Noorani Qaida (Basic Foundation):    First, kids learn how to identify and pronounce Arabic alphabets. With perfect articulation and sounds, kids are trained to pronounce correctly.
  • Tajweed Practice:    Once your kid has acquired mastery in the basic foundation, the tutor will make him practice “Makhaarij”. Meanwhile, the teacher will teach basic grammatical rules, Tajweed rules, and to recite proficiently without any mispronunciation.
  • Hifz-e-Quran:    If you want to continue this sacred journey, discuss with the kid’s tutor and determine whether the kid can undertake the obligation of memorizing the Quran. At AlQuranRecite, we offer qualified and trained tutors who hold “Ijazah” for the purpose.

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