Unknown Fact About the Religious Arabic Language

Unknown Fact About the Religious Arabic Language

Jul 24th, 2020    |    Islam

Undoubtedly, every Muslim is familiar with the Arabic language. It’s considered as one of the most complex languages due to different alphabets and grammatical structure, especially for non-Arabs. Besides, 1.8 million Muslims read the Holy Quran in Arabic and millions of people have memorized the complete Holy Quran in Arabic by heart. Surprisingly, there are multiple unknown facts about the Arabic language.

History Of Arabic Language

It’s one of the most ancient languages in the world. In addition, it’s the 6th most spoken language in the world. Allah has revealed the Holy Quran in Arabic as it was an ancient and popular language.

Most importantly this language has a very important role in Islam. All the ahadees books are originally in Arabic. Certainly, it’s highly important to understand this language from multiple prospects. Unquestionably,  understanding Arabic can assist us in understanding the book of hadiths.

Why It’s Highly Important For Muslims?

Quran is the religious book of Muslims. It’s a practical book and required proper knowledge and understanding. It’s important to recite the Holy Quran with proper tajweed. There is too much reward for reciting the Holy Quran. In short, its a book of ultimate success in this world and afterworld.

Importantly, the recitation of the Holy Quran has multiple health and spiritual benefits. Clearly, the only way we can get unlimited benefits by understanding the Arabic language. Besides, it improves our recitation, reading, and writing. Undoubtedly, it helps us understand the Tafseer and other religious concepts of Islam.

Unknown Fact About the Arabic Language

Arabic is certainly the most ancient and well-known language even today times. Altogether, it’s also an influential language too. Besides, multiple languages have originated words from the Arabic language. Moreover, there are many unknown facts about Arabic. 

Popularity Of Arabic Language

Arabic is the most popular language among Muslims all over the globe. It also the 6th national language of the united nation. Around 315 million people around the world speak Arabic. Don’t be surprised but it’s a national language in 25 countries in the world.

If we talk about the literature in Arabic. Once upon a time, Arabic was famous for its poetry and stories, focal tales, and much more.

Now even today there are unlimited books in Arabic. Undoubtedly, major books are based on religious sculpture however it’s a language that comprises advanced grammar and beautiful words combination for writing and speaking.

Writing Style

First, Arabic has a huge vocabulary even for a single word. 100 words can be used for camel and more than 10 words for love. In Arabic “Abjad ”system is used in place of alphabets.

The Arabic writing style is also different from English. In Arabic Abjad’s are written from the right side and numbers are written from the left side. In addition, all the letters or Abjad in Arabic are constant and vowels are denoted by mark or diacritics.

Arabic Grammar

In surprising there are no capital letters in the Arabic language. Besides, there are a lot of grammar differences as compared to the English language. In a sentence, the verb comes first and adjective comes second. Last, there is no helping verb in the Arabic language.

Most important to understand the concepts of the Holy Quran you need to understand Arabic grammar. You will have a good command of the Arabic language when your known how to formate words in Arabic.

Our most important religious book is originally in Arabic. We can expend our learning the religious sculpture by understanding the Arabic language.

Most important we need to examine this language comprehensively. Our Holy Quran is a practical book. It defines each and everything in detail however we need to understand from basics.

Influential Language  

Absolutely, there is no doubt about the importance of the Arabic language. Clearly, it’s a mother language of multiple important languages. Besides, also plays the role of an influential language.

We as Muslims need to understand the importance of Arabic grammar. It assists in reading and reciting the Holy Quran with proper punctuation and tajweed. There is too much reward for reading the Holy Quran with tajweed.

The major languages such as English, Spanish, Indonesian, French, Persian, Urdu, Kurdish, Bengali, Hindu, Malay, Tagalog, Portuguese, and Turkish are influenced by Arabic. There are multiple words of Arabic in the above-mentioned languages.

Arabic is an ancient language and you will find its multiple words in different languages. Even English has multiple words that originated from Arabic. Above all, Arabic is one of the influential languages in the world.

Arabic Memorization

You might find it difficult to learn Arabic but you can’t ignore the fact that Quran is originally in Arabic. It’s the most memorized book in the world.

There is a beautiful association of words in the Arabic language. Certainly,  there is too much reward for the memorization of the Holy Quran. Undoubtedly, there is a beautiful association that makes it easy to memorize the Arabic language.

Perfect Religious Language

Quran is the book of Allah. It includes knowledge about everything in this world and the afterworld. Allah has explained rules and regulations about everything in this Holy book.

There is a surah in the Holy Quran named as “Surah Fatiha”. It’s a small surah however it’s Tafseer comprises of multiples volumes. Now you can imagine if a small surah has so much explanation then what about the large surah of the Holy Quran.

It’s easy to learn and understand the verses of the Holy Quran. Its understanding of the grammar perfectly describes all the verses of the Holy Quran.


Arabic is not only the best language, it’s an ancient one with a lot of values. It widely used in multiple countries and known as the top-rated language. Above all, it carries a lot of religious values for the Muslims.

May Allah help us understand our religion for ultimate success. Undoubtedly, Arabic is the most respected language for us. By understanding its grammar and tajweed we can expend our religious understanding more perfectly.

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