How Memorizing the Holy Quran Will Develop More Focus?

How Memorizing the Holy Quran Will Develop More Focus?

Sep 18th, 2019    |    Quran

According to the guardian, we check our mobile phones every 12 minutes. This fragmentation of time and our concentration is eroding our ability to focus. So, having an ability to concentrate is becoming a lost skill gradually.

Now, as it is the need of the hour, we must realize and stop online virtual socialization. Any successful person can tell the key importance of focus in real life. So, we should be focused spiritually, physically, and in our relationships in the actual milieu.

Simply switching off the internal as well as external disruptions will make a person more focused. How to discontinue these disruptions? You may ask.

Well, meditation and learning how to avoid these interruptions can work. And what would be better than the Holy Quran memorization for the sake of meditation? Certainly, nothing. Let’s learn how memorizing the Holy Quran will develop more focus.

Link of spirituality and focus

A famous American author Zig Ziglar says:

“Lack of direction, not lack of time, is the problem. We all have twenty-four-hour days.”

(Hilary Hinton)

So, having more focus will make life more successful.

On the other hand, mediation is practiced for thousands of years to develop concentration. Almost all the prophets, dervishes, and apostles have had a specific part of their lives spent in focus and solitude.

Another author Cal Newport writes in his book

“Rules for Focused Success in a Distracted World” that a high-performing professional studies Talmud early in the morning. This practice enhances his focus and concentration hence increasing his performance at work.”

(Deep Work)

Nowadays, in this hyperactive world, focusing on the divine text can help us to resist the temptations. Also, we will sit still for 35-40 minutes away from worldly distractions. Therefore, the recitation or memorization of the Holy Quran can also improve the focused wiring of our brains, hence making us able enough to carry long-term critical projects easily.

Tips to Develop Focus by Memorizing the Holy Quran

So, the habit of the Holy Quran memorization each morning will be more fruitful if you will observe the following practices effectively.

Tame Your Thoughts

First and the foremost issue that most of the people face while reciting the Holy Quran is mind wandering. It is a hard nut to crack: to focus on the text in this noisy world. However, you can overthrow this chaos.

Yes, learn to tame your thoughts. When reading the Holy Quran, just ignore the random thoughts that come in mind. However, if a thought won’t go away then grab a pen and write down it on a paper.

Moreover, try to understand and focus on what you read. With a calm mind, a peaceful heart, and willing thoughts sit and recite. This will give you a feeling of fulfillment and satisfaction.

Remove Distractions Near You

When you are all set to start the Holy Quran memorization, put all distracting things away. Also, choose a silent place to carry this activity. Moreover, keep your mobile phones silent, it would be better to put them away, though.

Avoid using bright lights, messed room, and colorful cloths. These factors will certainly divert your attention time and again. So, better to be simple, fresh, and alone.

Chose A Specific Time

Setting a specific time would help you to schedule your remaining works easily. I would recommend choosing the time early in the morning after morning prayer.

Allocate almost 30-45 minutes for focused Holy Quran memorization or reading. Meanwhile, try to understand the translation, context, and meanings of the Holy words of Allah Almighty.

Involve Your Heart

Most important thing is to keep in mind that you are not memorizing the Holy Quran for the sake of the mental concentration. Think that you are performing this activity for the devotion of Allah Subhana hu Wata’la.

Holy Prophet (PBUH) said:

“Actions are according to intentions, and everyone will get what was intended…”

(Bukhari & Muslim)

So, you will get what will be your intention. Therefore, memorize the Holy Quran just to seek the blessings of Allah Subhana hu Wata’la. Do this by heart to please your Lord.

Limit the Screen Time

Mostly mobile phone companies have integrated a built-in feature: monitoring and managing one’s screen time. So, you can set a premium screen time for you.

Limiting the screen time will make your concentration and attention more to-the-point, because watching and switching to the screen, again and again, push many distractions in your mind. So, limiting screen time will relieve your mind.

Recite Out Loudly

When you are memorizing the Holy Quran, recite as loud as you can listen to your words. This will develop your attention more effectively. So, practice reciting the Holy words loudly.

Also, listening to your own words will keep your mind busy. So, your mind will be busy in two ways: uttering the words of the Holy Quran and then listening to them carefully.

Be in State of Taharah (Ablution)

Doing “Wudu” is the first and preparatory phase of the Quran memorization. When a person performs “Wudu”, he is making the mind to be focused and concentrated.

So, observing even the first step will make your mind ready, fresh, and focused. Therefore, it will make the effects of the Holy Quran learning more powerful and operative.


On the whole, various scholars have attested that learning, reciting, or memorizing the Holy Quran enhances focus level and attention span. Having noticed huffaz, memorization of the Holy Quran makes a person more brilliant and intelligent. So, in this scattered world, the ability of concentration is a blessing. And the best way to develop focus is the recitation of the Holy Word of Allah Subhana hu Wata’la.

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