Best Parenting Guidance To Raise A Children In Islam

Best Parenting Guidance To Raise A Children In Islam

Oct 2nd, 2020    |    Education, Islam, Muslims

Raising children in Islam requires proper guidance and religious knowledge. Besides, children are the blessings of Allah and every parent must raise a child according to the principles of Islam. By raising our child according to the guidance of the Holy Quran and hadith we can make the upbringing of our child more valuable for the Muslim community.  

How To Raisa A Children In Islam?

Islam is a complete code of Life. Allah has defined each and everything in the Holy Quran and Hadith of the Holy Prophet (P.B.U. H) about our every role of Life. Every child carries a lot of value and importance in Islam. He will be the future of the Islamic state and one child can bring a lot of values in the development of Islam.

“Your wealth and your children are only a trial, whereas with Allah! With Him is a great reward (Paradise).” 

[Surah At-Taghabun – #64 Verse 15]

Above all, Muslims believes in afterlife success, and that’s why children need to follow all the teaching of the Holy Quran. Undoubtedly, as parents, you just need to make efforts to bring your child according to the teachings of Islam.

How To Raise A Children In Islam?

Islam is a practical religion that comprises multiple beliefs, rituals, and regular obligations. You children need to learn all the Islamic concepts, believes, and religious rituals to be pious Muslims. Most importantly, as a parent, raise your children according to Islam and you will get unlimited rewards. Besides, it’s easy however required the following guidance.

“Observe justice in dealing with your children in the same manner in which you expect them to observe justice in being kind and good to you.”

Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) – Sahih Bukhari

Best Parenting Guide To Raise A Children In Islam

The following are some of the best guidance according to the teachings of Islam about parenting children. It helps you make your children more productive and strong believer of Islam. Eventually, help your children to understand and lead a life according to the teaching of Islam.

Accepting Your Children As Blessing

Before Islam, people used to kill their daughters and consider them disgrace for themselves. Islam provides respect and importance to the daughters. In fact, people have the wrong beliefs regarding their children. They used to kill them to save their food and expenses.

Islam provides awareness to the people and as parents, you must consider your children the blessings of Allah. By acceptance, you are obliged to provide the following facilities to your children in the best way.

  • Food
  • Clothes
  • Shelter
  • Identity
  • Education
  • Love & Care
  • Time And Guidance
  • Safety And Security
  • All Resources & Inheritance

Religious Knowledge

As Muslim parents, we must guide our children with religious knowledge. Islam also guides about children’s education. Parents are ordered by Islam to teach their children after 7 years of child age.

Before 7 years the parents must take part in playing with the children like a kid. They should love and kiss their children. Above all, be gentle with your children and guide them with affection.

It is also narrated that a man once came to the Prophet (S) and said:

“I have never kissed my child.”

The Prophet (S) said:

“Surely a man like this will be a resident of the fire of hell.”

 It’s obligatory as Muslim parents to guide children about following Islamic Knowledge.

  • Islamic Beliefs
  • Quran Knowledge
  • Knowledge About Hadees
  • Guidance About All Muslims Rituals And Obligations
  • Rights And Duties As Muslims Followers
  • Haqooq Ullah
  • Haqooq Ul Ibad
  • Knowledge About Companions And All Important Personalities Of Islam
  • Detail Knowledge About the Prophet, Angels, Day Of Judgement, Other Religious Books, etc
  • Knowledge About The Struggle Of Islam And Every Islamic Historical Events

“If a person dies, his/her deeds are cut off, except from three:

  • A pious child who makes dua for the parents.
  • Continuous charitable deeds.
  • Knowledge left behind with which people benefit

Parents- Child Relationship

In Muslim society parents and children are very much close to each other. Above all, Islam encourages to love your children. There are also special instructions about parent’s behaviors with the children.

It is narrated from the Prophet (S): “The person who has a child, should behave like a child with him.”

First, parents are a perfect example for every child. Second, they also need to be pious and religious to bring religious values and culture among children. As parents, you must respect and love your children. Perform regular religious rituals with your children. Last, teach them all the etiquette according to the Muslim culture.

Make sure they respect others, always speak the truth, and perform all other religious obligations. They must always fear God and believes in equality and justice. In fact, also make sure they take the responsibility of being an important member of the Muslim society. Unquestionably, also make sure they have an inspiring character full of religious and cultural values for the Muslims.

The Prophet s.a.w said, “Indeed among the believers with the most complete faith is the one who is the best in conduct and the most kind to his family.”


Make sure you have a friendly relationship with your children. In this way, you can also guide your children’s more perfectly.


Children are the blessings of Allah however as parents it’s your responsibility to up bring your children under the religious and cultural values of Islam. Above all, as a parent be friendly with your children and give them their every right with justice.

In fact, also teach them about our religious and social responsibilities as Muslims so they can lead a successful life according to Islamic teachings too.

Make sure, they perform all the religious obligations. Importantly, they also follow the teachings of the Holy Quran and lead a perfect life according to the Hadits and Sunnah of the Holy Prophet. You and your children will both be blessed and rewarded by leading a life as a pious Muslim.

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