Surah Al-Kahf: Understand The Four Important lessons

Surah Al-Kahf: Understand The Four Important lessons

Jul 17th, 2020    |    Islam, Quran, Surah

Surah Al-Kahf is the 18th chapter of the Holy Quran which comprises four impressive and exciting Qurani stories. In addition, surah kahf has multiple rewards and benefits for recitation. In fact, also very helpful against the persecution of Dajjal.

Background Of Surah Al-Kahf

We get to know from the Tafseer of this Surah that some polytheists asked multiple questions from the Holy Prophet (P.B.U. H). Certainly, these people wanted to prove that Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) was not the prophet of Allah. They asked the following questions.

  • First: Who were the people of the Cave?
  • Second: Who is the man who has traveled the land from east to west?
  • Third:  What do you know about Dul-Qarnayn?
  • Last: What is the soul? What is the authentic story of Al-Khadir?

There is no question about the knowledge of the last prophet however Allah has the ultimate knowledge. In addition, Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) has all the knowledge delivered by Allah. Hazrat Muhammad(P.B.U.H) waits for multiple days and then finally Allah through his beloved angel reveals all the answers in Surah Al-Kahf. 

Context Of Surah Al-Kahf

It’s a very beautiful surah revealed on the Holy Prophet in Makkah. It comprises four main stories that show the power of belief. It also discusses multiple important elements of worship and faith in one God in every condition.

Moreover, explain some lessons of wisdom between the two prophets of Allah. Moreover, it also comprises four stories based on different themes and lessons.

There are 4 major themes in this Surah

1.Faith–Ashab Al-Kahf (Verses 9–26)
2. Wealth–The story of the rich and the poor (Verses 32–44)
3. Knowledge and wisdom–Moses and Al-Khidr (Verses 60–82)
4. Power–Dhul-Qar-nayn with Yajuj Majuj (Verses 83–98)

1st Story: As-Haab-Ul-Kahf

This is one of the famous religious stories of Islam.  As-Haab’s is known as the companions of the cave. In early times three As-Haab’s accepted the teachings of Islam however they have to confront retaliation from the general public.

They escape themselves from the city and hide in a cave with a dog. Allah gives them to sleep for over 300 hundred years until the entire city turns into believers. All the story is mentioned in Surah Al-Kahf.

There are many important lessons attached to this story, and that’s why Allah has also revealed this story in the Holy Quran.

  • Faith in the message Of Allah
  • Allah is the true companion
  • Its makes over belief strong on living after death
  • Allah is the only protector

2nd Story: Owner Of Two Beautiful Gardens

A true Muslims always believes in the afterlife. Allah has blessed humans with unlimited blessings. Wealth is one of its greatest blessings in this world. Besides, as a Muslim, we must also believe that all wealth is a blessing of Allah.

The second story was between a rich and poor person. The rich man disobeys Allah and believes that his wealthy state will be permanent.

First, the rich man’s wealth makes him feel arrogant and proud. Second, the poor man truly believes in God. In the last, Allah takes back all his blessings and now the rich man can regret his foolishness.

Lessons From the Story

  • Always thankful to Allah
  • Never feel superior and proud
  • Nothing stays last forever
  • Allah seek Allah forgiveness for more blessings
  • Consider wealth as a blessing and reward from Allah
  • Don’t love your wealth as it’s a trial for us in this world

3rd Story: Knowledge and wisdom–Moses and Al-Khidr 

Knowledge and wisdom are one of the biggest blessings of Allah. Hazrat Moses (A.S) known as Kaleem Ullah (The one who speaks with God).Allah has all the ultimate power and knowledge. In fact, he is the one who distributes knowledge and wisdom.

Background Of The Story

“Once Prophet Musa stood up and addressed Bani Israel. He was asked: “Who is the most learned man amongst the people?” He said: “I am the most learned.” Allah admonished Moses as he did not attribute absolute knowledge to Him (Allah). So Allah inspired to him, “At the junction of the two seas there is a slave of mine who is more learned than you.” Musa said: “O my Lord! How can I meet him?” (Al-Bukhari)”

Hazrat Musa (A.S) traveled day and night and find Hazrat Al-Khidr and request them to take Hazrat Musa with them as a student.  Hazrat Khidr agreed on terms that Hazrat Moses will keep patience and don’t ask questions about any incident until explaining by Hazrat Al-Khidr.

First, they traveled through a beautiful boat but shockingly Hazrat Al-Khidar hit that boat with a sharp object and make it defective. Hazrat Moses(A.S) couldn’t believe it. He asked Hazrat Khidar(A.S) about this incident however Hazrat khaddar reminded Hazrat Moses(A.S) to keep patience and remain silent too.

Second, Hazrat Khidar(A.S) killed an innocent young boy. Certainly, it was not something that can be ignored by Hazrat Moses(A.S). Hazrat Khidr(A.S) reminds the promise once again and Hazrat Moses(A.S) requested the last time that he will keep his patience now.

Last, they were into a village and asked for food and water however nobody helps them. Despite such a bad attitude and ignorance, Hazrat Khidr built a wall that would nearly fell. Hazrat Moses couldn’t keep its silence as Moses(A.S) was too much curious about all incidents.

Hazrat Khidr(A.S) refuses to take Hazrat Moses(A.S) with himself anymore however revealed all the secrets behind every incident. Moreover, he explains that the beautiful boat belongs to poor people. They also used to earn their livelihood from the boat too. Moreover, the king used to take all beautiful boats in his possession forcefully.

Second, Hazrat Khidar(A.S) killed a boy as he was going to create problems for its pious parents in the future. Allah wants to reward the parents with an obedient son.

Last, there was a treasure under the wall of two orphan children. Allah wants to save the treasure for the children and that’s why Hazrat Khidar(A.S) repairs the wall.

Lessons From The Story

  • Allah has the ultimate knowledge and wisdom
  • He can deliver knowledge to anyone he likes
  • It’s important to effort and seek more knowledge
  • Be obedient as a student and follow your teacher with patience
  • Respect your teachers and follow them
  • Don’t act too much impatiently upon everything without understanding it completely
  • Always seek more wisdom and knowledge from Allah with the ability to get benefit from knowledge

4th Story: Power–Dhul-Qar-Nayn With Yajuj Majuj 

Yajuj and  Majuj are the two tribes that used to create destruction and also mischief on the earth. In fact, They were also the sons of Adam(A.S) however cause killing and destruction for others.

Hazrat Dhul-Qar-nayn was a traveler and powerful ruler of Allah. People complain about Yajuj and  Majuj to Hazrat Dhul-Qar-nayn.

“They said, ‘O Dhul-Qarnayn, indeed Gog and Magog are [great] corrupters in the land. So may we assign for you an expenditure that you might make between us and them a barrier?” (18:94)

Hazrat Dhul-Qar-nayn built a powerful wall of iron and closes Yajuj and  Majuj in the mountains.

When they Will Come Out?

Many times Allah and Prophet (P.B.U.H) mentioned Ya’juj and Ma’juj.

“One day the Messenger of Allah  awoke from sleep with a flushed red face, and said: ‘La Ilahaillallah.’ He repeated it thrice. ‘Woe to the Arabs from the evil drawn near. Today a gap has been made in the wall of Ya’juj and Ma’juj like this.’ And he formed ten (with his fingers).’” (Tirmidhi 2187)

Lessons From The Story

  • Be aware of the Of Yajuj and Majuj 
  • Seek Allah Forgiveness From persecution Of Yajuj and Majuj 
  • Be righteous and don’t cause destruction and mischiefs
  • Follow special prayers for safety from Yajuj and Majuj 
  • Follow Teaching Of The Holy Quran More Strongly

Important Wazif Of Surah Al-Kahf

Persecution Of Dajjal

Muslims will face horrible persecution Of Dajjal (Antichrist). There are many ahadees regarding the Persecution Of Dajjal.

“One who memorized the first ten verses or ayyats of Surah Al Kahf will be secure against the Dajjal.”

(Sahih Muslim)

Hazrat Ibn Mardwiyah Al Daiyaa (R.A) Said: “Whoever reads Surah al Kahf on Jummah, he is immune for 8 days from all fitnah that will happen. When the Dajjal comes out, he will be immune to him”

(Al Mukhtaar)

Recitation On Jummah

There are multiple rewards and benefits of recitation the Surah Kahf on the days of Jummah.

“Whoever reads Surah al Kahf upon the arrival of Jummah will have a light that will sparkle from him starting with one Friday then onto the next.”


” It is related from Abu Saeed Al-Khudri (RA) who said: “Whoever reads Surah Al-Kahf on the night of Jummah (Friday), will have a light that will stretch between him and the Holy Kabaah”. “



There are undoubtedly unnumerous rewards and Importance of Surah Al-Kahf. In fact, it comprises four stories that explain different aspects of Wealth, power, knowledge, and faith. Besides, there are meaningful lessons in these stories to understand the unique aspects of these four important elements of our life. We must understand these lessons and follow the teachings of Islam.

Above all, Surah Kahf has special rewards for recitation. Besides, it’s one of the most important Surahs against the persecution Of Dajjal. Unquestionably, may Allah protect us against Dajjal and From persecution Of Yajuj and Majuj mentioned in Surah Kahf.

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