How Muslims Can Use Internet Safely: Some Handy Tips

How Muslims Can Use Internet Safely: Some Handy Tips

Jun 17th, 2020    |    Muslims

Nowadays, it is a hot topic that how Muslims can use internet safely. It is the need of the hour to have a smart device with an active internet connection though.

So, almost all people are interacting with the internet either directly or indirectly. The routine working of all the businesses is relying mainly on smart devices and interconnected systems.

On the other hand, domestic functions are also not free from the internet and smartphones or laptops. So, we can say that the internet is now like a household that is too necessary to use regularly.

Also, the domain of education and learning has been revolutionized because of the internet. Now, one can learn and teach online no matter what time is and where they locate.

However, the internet has exposed many threats not only to online identity thefts but also to physical assaults and kidnaps, etc. Also, a single click can lead to an altogether different world. This world can cause money fraudulent or nudity exposure and many unethical activities.

A good Muslim is supposed to keep his life pious and moral. That’s why we have to take extra care for daily matters performing online. These tasks include various kinds of activities like online learning, kids’ engagement, general entertainment, and social connectivity, etc.

Particularly, when reading the Holy words of Allah Subhana hu Wata’la, it is more important to go the extra mile. So, adopt safety and precautionary measures to avoid uninvited and unethical nuisances.

Here I have put together some practicable guidelines to make your sacred journey of the Quran learning safer, reliable, and more virtuous. Let’s have a look at some handy tips.

Safety Measures for Kids

The trend of using smart devices is rising rapidly among children and kids. In the heat of the moment, parents cannot stop them. Even more, some parents encourage these activities either to keep kids engaged or to make them look modern.

However, parents should keep an eye on the activities of their offspring. If parents will not teach them, the time will make them learn in their fashion. And that is a drawback. You can avoid bad consequences of the immature use of smart devices and the internet. See how:

  • Make them confident enough to share their confusion without any hesitation.
  • Set a particular and measured time for kids to use the internet.
  • Keep the system/laptop at a place where you can keep an eye on them easily.
  • Use kid’s version for all online services, like YouTube for kids.
  • Monitor emails, chats, and online calls for the sake of their safety.
  • Hire a female tutor for your female family members.
  • Guide the children not to go for a meeting with an online person in any park, ground, or any other place.
  • Share and remind them nuisances of unsafe use of the internet regularly.
  • Also, you can set some family rules for smart devices’ use at home. Then, strictly follow those rules and make kids willing to follow rules as well.
  • Before you start online learning for your kids, make sure that the institute is registered and the taxpayer. Also, ask them for credible authorization.

Kids can have internet access from friends and relatives’ homes as well. So, train them and make them aware that they should avoid extra activities without having a fear of being monitored.

I hope, above mentioned tips will help you to sort out the looming issue. However, over-confidence on kids can lead to unrecoverable damage at times. So, keep in mind and never forget your duty for a while. I wish Allah Subhana hu Wata’la keep your family under the umbrella of His special protection. Ameen.

Internet Safety Measurements for Adults

Along with ensuring kids’ safety, adults must keep an eye on their online activities. Moreover, Muslims are religiously bound to behave and act good either online or offline. So, it is our religious duty to be good and let others be good. Here are a few tips that will make the online world safe for you.

  • While using any portal or platform, do not use abusive language.
  • Do not upload material that harms or makes others embarrassed.
  • Never disclose your personal information, your family affairs, and personal matters.
  • Choose personally familiar people. Avoid accepting or sending friend requests to unknown persons.
  • Never accept any file, email or media files from an unauthorized or unknown person.
  • Set your typical search engines at custom settings. Adjust matrices to show you only protected and appropriate data.
  • Do not upload your private data or family photos on social media or any other online public portals.
  • Do not believe in online content immediately. There is a lot of information on the internet. Also, there are equal chances that a particular piece of information can be right or wrong. Moreover, our beloved Holy Prophet (PBUH) has prohibited to believe in peripatetic news.
  • If you have to create your user account on the internet, never use your real name and address unless the website is trustable.
  • Do not disclose your bank accounts or any money transfer service’s protected information.
  • Never post any picture or video that discloses your address, identity, or any other personal information.
  • Threatening or abusing anyone online is a serious crime. So, never use bad language or threatening words for anyone.
  • If you see inappropriate or blasphemous content, never try to handle it and let the authorities know about those violations.
  • Keep your system’s antivirus program and firewall always updated.


Conclusively, being a Muslim, we should always follow the footprints of the Holy Prophet (PBUH). So, we shouldn’t make anyone hurt or harmed. I have mentioned above some key points that can ensure your safety. However, the parents should go the extra mile for their children. I would like to recommend you neither be overconfident nor under confident about them.

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