Zakat In Islam: Calculation and payment of Zakat

Zakat In Islam: Calculation and payment of Zakat

Apr 16th, 2020    |    Islam, Pillars of islam

The building of Islam based on five pillars, out of which the fourth pillar is Zakat. Zakat is the financial worship of Muslims. Above all, Muslims spend zakat in the way of Allah to purify their possessions. Zakat is an important means of helping the needy ones in society.

Most importantly every Muslim must perform zakat once a year. In fact, zakat not only creates prosperity in society but it also becomes beneficial for the one who gives a charity. All Muslims are brothers with each other. Every Muslim has a different status from one another financially that why we are obliged to help others.

Zakat A Blessing Of Allah

Certainly, it is on those Muslims who are in the position that they have to help other people financially. First, Zakat not only eliminates many evils in society but also that every Muslim can contribute to society. Second, the zakat reduces the love of wealth, which provides satisfaction too.

Allah has mentioned Zakat in the Holy Quran in several places. Mostly importantly Islam contains all the information about how much Zakat is obligatory on every Muslim and to whom zakat is permissible. They are multiple questions and queries related to Zakat which everyone must understand too.

There is also every detail available regarding Zakat in Islam. You can get complete information about all the important concepts of Zakat.

How to Pay Zakat?

Zakat is actually on wealth rather than income. Besides you need to calculate it on your savings and goods, also known as assets. last, you can exclude all your liabilities from these assets.

Once you calculate the exact amount, you can donate to a particular person who deserves Zakat. There are defines persons so make sure your only give Zakat to the one who is mentioned in Islam.

You can pay through cash and goods as well. It’s a sacred obligation and there are certain limitations regarding Zakat. Try to provide Zakat only for the blessings of Almighty Allah.

How to Calculate Zakat?

First, Zakat calculation is easy however very sensitive as it must accord to Islam. Second, it comprises a particular amount of Gold and Silver; However, any other asset equals also include the value of Nisab.

  • Gold 87.48 Grams
  • Silver 612.36 grams

You just need to calculate all your assets in your possession for over one year.

It Includes

  • Metal Money
  • Cash in hand or banks or loaned to someone
  • Business Value
  • Stocks, Paper Money, Bonds, etc

In fact, Once you calculate the amount of the assets. You can exclude all your liabilities from this amount. It mainly Includes:

  • A loan from a bank or any other institution
  • Wages payable
  • Utility Bills, Rent Taxes Etc

After that pay fixed 2.5 Percent of the value as Zakat.

  • Total Assets in possession for one year
  • Exclude all liabilities or amount payable
  • Extract 2.5 percent of total value after amount payable and pay Zakat

Who are eligible for Zakat?

The fundamental purpose of Zakat is to help the needy ones. It also plays a major role in uplifting the needy ones. There are 8 types of people eligible for Zakat.


Those people who are needy and deserving however they don’t ask anybody for help. Islam believes in helping humanity. There are also many rights of our neighbors and other Muslims on us too.

You can also help these deserving Muslims through Zakat. Certainly, it can help them in their livelihood. Last, make sure you maintain secrecy as these people may feel insulted. May Allah help others. Muslims believe that money is a blessing of Allah.


In this, all those needy people include who cannot earn their living. It includes multiple people like physically disabled, unemployed, old age people. It also includes those who depend on others.

We are ordered to help those people secretly from Zakat. It will help these people, as a result, they can also be a responsible part of society.

Fi Sabeellillah

It includes a portion for the people working in the way of Allah. It can involve these people in Jihad, which is the most important part of Islam. Second It includes all those people who are serving their duties in preaching the teachings of Islam.

 We can help them or their families with food, clothes, and money. Best way to help them by facilitating them in livelihood through small business, etc.

We will have higher rewards from Allah if we help those who are sacrificing their happiness in the way of God.

Aamileen(Zakat Collectors)

People involved in different activities related to Zakat. It’s a noble deed; However, they have the permission to get something as charges for their services in Zakat. It involves them in activities like the collection of Zakat and its usage to the right person. It’s an enormous responsibility, and that’s why they have the share in the amount of Zakat.


There are two types of primary obligations on Muslims.

1)Haqooq Allah

2)Haqooq Ibad

Islam gives too much importance to Haqooq ul Ibad, which are specifically for peoples. There are also glorious rewards for helping and feeding the needy ones. Hazrat Muhammad used to help slaves and help them in their freedom.

It a curse to be in someone’s family. If there is somebody, and the master is ready to free its slave against money. You can use the money of Zakat to help that slave.

In today’s times, you can also assist someone who is working as a servant.

Ibnus- Sabeel

Zakat can be used to help a traveler. It can be in terms of money, shelter, food or financial help. In olden times, people used to travel for many days. Nowadays, you can help people from the money of Zakat.

Muallafatul Quloob

Islam is a complete code of life. It covers every person to help them. You can also provide money from Zakat to new Muslims. It also includes persons who you believe can accept Islam.

Islam is the best religion. We must try to spread it and convert non-Muslims into Muslims. Sometimes it’s required a financial sacrifice. Islam allows you to sacrifice this from Zakat in the way of Allah.

 Al Ghaarimeen

Certain people in our society facing the curse of debts. These people are the neediest and unable to get rid of their debts. These people can also be helped through Zakat.

“Zakah expenditures are only for the poor and for the needy and for those employed to collect [zakah] and for bringing hearts together [for Islam] and for freeing captives [or slaves] and for those in debt and the cause of Allah and the [stranded] traveler – an obligation [imposed] by Allah. And Allah is Knowing and Wise. (Al–Quran Suran Tawbah 9:60)”

What are the benefits of Zakat?

  • Zakat is an important pillar of Islam. It creates a great impact on society and most important to uplifts others. As Muslims, we have the responsibility to help another human being. Zakat can help them be a responsible member of society.
  • First It circulates the money from one hand to another, which balances rich and poor and also regulates business.
  • Second, there are great rewards from Allah for the one who pays Zakat too. Most importantly, Zakat makes us feel responsible for Muslims and increase self-satisfaction.
  • In fact, Allah also rewards Muslims with more money who pay Zakat.
  • Above all, it’s a source of purification of our wealth. Because of Zakat, our greed decrease and it will also make us believe that money is not everything.
  • Last Zakat is a way of thanking Allah for its blessings including money.


Zakat is one of the five main pillars of Islam. There are strict rules regarding Zakat which Muslims are bound to follow if eligible. It has a wonderful impact on the economy of the country.

It also purifies the money and greed. There are countless rewards and blessings from Allah. Above all, Almighty will also increase our cash in this world and also beneficial afterlife.

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