The Sacred Blessed Night of Shab e Barat

The Sacred Blessed Night of Shab e Barat

Apr 16th, 2020    |    Islam

It is a very sacred night for Muslims. In this night Almighty Allah writes down the destiny of His creator. The lives of Muslims are decided by death and sustenance. Muslims worship Allah in this night and pray for more forgiveness. Allah also blessed Muslims with health, wealth and all other blessings in Shab e Barat

Muslims believe in God. We believe that all blessings are the gift of Allah. Muslims worship Allah so that they may receive the blessings of Allah more and more.

Shab e Barat falls in the middle of the Islamic month of Sha’ban. Allah reveals many Rewards and blessings in Shab e Barat. Allah forgives many sinners by His mercy. And provide sustenance and relief to many Muslims.

For Muslims, the night is very sacred, so they used to arrange a lot of worship that night.

 How to Get Maximum Blessings of Shab e Barat 

Offer Special Prayers

Prayer is the most important worship of Muslims. In Shab-e-Barat, Muslims can get the pleasure of Allah by offering maximum prayers.  On this special holy night, we shall seek God’s mercy. Muslims pray for better sustenance and seek more and more blessings. 

Prayer establishes a relationship with Allah, so by praying Nawafl one can get the blessings of Allah better. We Muslims should pray that night and give thanks to Allah. At the same time, ask God for mercy and repent of your sins.

Fast of 15th Shuban

On the night of Sha’ban, Muslims worship Allah and fast in the day for a reward. Fasting is important to worship for Muslims. In fast, Muslims bear the thirst for Allah Almighty and worship Allah.

Sha’ban fast is very rewarding and very important. Muslims can get better pleasures of God by worshiping and fasting with prayer. We should pray, fast, and worship Allah and avoid sins.


A Shab e Barat is the night of begging from Allah. In Shab e Barat Allah Almighty gives His creatures sustenance. In that night, sinners get rid of the torment. Special blessings are revealed to the Muslims.

 Besides the Almighty Allah rescuing his creatures from troubles and calamities, the fate of the Muslims, etc. Most Importantly, decisions of the life of the next one year are decided by Allah.

These special prayers include prayers for

  • Long life
  • Health
  • More blessings and rewards
  • Forgiveness, etc.
  • Better destiny


Allah has ordered Muslims to perform good deeds. Charity is a very noble deed. In shab e Barat there are special rewards for charity. They also increase your earning from the blessing of Allah.

Muslims believe that provision is a blessing from God, Allah Almighty ordered to spend more of this provision in His way. When a Muslim spends this provision in the way of Allah, most importantly,  Allah Almighty increases the provision. There are.

In this sacred night, our deeds are presented in the House of Allah. we shall seek forgiveness with more blessings and mercy. Muslims can pray exclusively for the sustenance and pray.

Avoid Firecracker

Unfortunately, some Muslims usually children and adults do celebration with firecrackers. We need to understand that shab e barat is purely for the blessings of God. Our next year depends upon Shab e Barat so we must make sure that why to use this night in the best way.

Night of Commitment

Allah has created humans for his worship. As Muslims, we need to stay committed with our God that we will worship for the rest of our lives.

Mistakes are part of our lives; however, Muslims are asked to seek as much forgiveness as possible in order to be pious.

On Shab e Barat we just have to make a special commitment with our God that we will follow the path of His righteous person.

Heaven or Hell

Muslims believe in an afterlife. A truly successful Muslims are those who get into heaven. It’s the real ultimate success for every Muslim. We are unable to be perfectly pious or religious that’s why it’s important to pray.

“Another hadith in Musnad Ahmed Hanbal “Allah looks at His creation during the night of the 15th of Sha’ban and He forgives His servants except two- one intent on hatred (mushanin) and a murderer (qatilu nafs). Classed Hassan by Albani in his silsilah Al-Sahihah.”

Shab e Brat means a night of forgiveness or day of atonement. This is a really special night in 2020 as the world is facing the deadliest pandemic of coronavirus these days.

Millions of people already dead and we are also unknown what will happen to us in the future.

Future of Destiny

Believers of every religion believe in destiny. As Muslims, we strongly believe that Allah is the one who provides us with everything. He is the one who delivers us health, wealth and good fortune.

We shall seek forgives and pray to Allah for a better destiny and future. Our soul, destiny, luck everything is not in our control. May Allah brightened our future with its blessings.


Shab e Barat is very much sacred and important for every Muslim. It’s a perfect night to seek forgiveness, blessings, health and wealth, etc whatever we need. We need to prepare ourselves for special prayers and worships.

We need to make special arrangements for prayers. Keeping fast is very good and recommended and most important we shall seek good health and blessings from Allah.

Allah has blessed man with countless blessings. He must have to be thankful and obliged to Allah. Most importantly Allah will reward the pious person with Heaven.

There are some special night and month in which Allah rewards with special rewards. Shab e Barat is a very sacred night. We can please Allah and get more rewards and blessings. May Allah help us to follow His teachings by heart.

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