How To Prepare For Ramadan Right Now

How To Prepare For Ramadan Right Now

Apr 3rd, 2020    |    Islam, Ramadan

Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims. In fact, this is the month in which Muslims fast all day and perform special prayers. This month is of the utmost importance for Muslims. In Ramadan, the special blessings of Allah are revealed to Muslims. They use to worship more and more in this sacred month.

As this month is of great importance to Muslims, so it is important to prepare in advance for the month so that more worship can be performed. In the month Muslims perform more worship, prayers, and fasting, which leads to many changes in their daily lives. If we prepare ourselves, then we can get the most out of this month in the best way.

Final Preparation Checklist Before Ramadan

The most important thing to prepare for the month of Ramadan is information about Ramadan. We need to know the maximum detail information of all worship so that we can perform these prayers properly. The top thing in these rituals is fasting, besides prayers, Taraweeh, etc.

  • List of the information you need for Ramadan
  • All information related to Fast
  • Complete information about the significance of Ramadan
  • Limitation, Obligations, etc. 
  • Information about all others Deeds and Obligations
  • Information about food, medicine, etc
  • Special Prayers, Dua, Tasbeeh, Taraweeh


Before Ramadan, it is very important to prepare a Ramadan budget. The month of Ramadan consists of almost 30 days. In which Muslims organize Sahari and Iftar. Generally, in Ramadan, we spend more money on food items than on normal days. Therefore, you must prepare your budget today so that you can manage all the essentials in Ramadan.

  • Food
  • Special eating and other items for Ramadan
  • Clothes
  • Charity
  • Household Items
  • Others Expenses
  • Medication & emergency needs
  • Scheduling Planning

Schedule Daily Routines

Compared to normal days, we need to prepare before Ramadan to set our working hours according to prayer time. Muslims try to worship the maximum time in Ramadan. You need to adjust your schedule according to Sahari and Iftar. You must rise early and sleep properly to avoid the hassle. It is important to adapt our times according to Ramadan.

We must get up before dawn and offer prayers. Follow five-time congregation prayers. The most important is to take time to recite the Holy Quran from today. Arrange your work from today and daily tasks in such a way that you would have the least difficulty during the month of Ramadan.

Mental Preparation for Ramadan

As Muslims, we need to make our minds before Ramadan. This is how we can prepare ourselves for worship. we have to resort to prayer to Allah so that we can get away with our sins.we should try to get more involved in new deeds and noble activities. By doing so, our hearts and minds will be more and more towards goodness. We need to work on the following things in our mind before practical implementation.

  • Work Routine
  • Religious routine
  • Noble deeds & charity
  • Avoid unpleasant habits & company
  • Spend more time at home or in Mosque
  • Spiritually uplift yourself
  • More Religious Knowledge and Gatherings

Body Preparation

In Ramadan, Muslims remain hungry for the happiness of Almighty Allah from dawn till dusk to the west. We must take care of our physical health before Ramadan so that we can easily afford to fast. Along with this, we need physical strength to honor the worship of Allah even by staying hungry in Ramadan. If we prepare ourselves, then we will not have to worry at all during the month of Ramadan.

We must exercise daily so that we can be physically stronger before Ramadan. Use water as it is very beneficial. Due to fast in Ramadan can sometimes lead to dehydration because of thirst, so we must use more water from today. Also, try to eat only two meals a day. Keep your body clean and healthy so that you can worship God more and more.

Noble Deeds

Ramadan is a Sacred month. There are special blessings from Allah upon the Muslims in Ramadan.  There are more and more people enter Paradise this month and get rid of hell. We need to perform noble deeds in Ramadan to avoid the punishment of Allah.

In Ramadan, fasting very noble deed. There is more reward for doing good in Ramadan than on normal days. Before the Ramadan prepares to pray, charity and take part in the deeds of righteousness. Repent and invite goodness not only to yourself but also to others.

Home Preparation for Ramadan

We needed to take care of ourselves and take care of our home as well. We well know the importance of Ramadan, so we must take special care of our home before Ramadan. Clean the house completely before Holy Ramadan. If any construction work or repair work is pending, complete it. Makes perfect arrangements for worship and prayers try to make the house more and more beautiful.

Self Assessment

The main purpose of Ramadan is to attract the closed Muslim to the religion. A Muslim belief in an afterlife and makes time for his preparation. We must make self-accountability for ourselves so that we can eliminate our own mistakes.

We should repent sincerely before Ramadan and plan for a maximum reward. Try to do more good and avoid evil from today so that in the blessed month of Ramadan there will be a maximum reward. May Allah guide us in the best way and make this holy month of Ramadan a special one for us.


Ramadan is the most sacred month for Muslims. We need to prepare in advance to get maximum benefits from this Holy Month. Above all, we can prepare ourselves according to the upper mention important points. It will help you easily manage everything before Ramadan. May Allah shower His countless blessings on us.

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